Yino Huan




I'm Yino and I design and animate things.

I studied communication design in a sweet German city called Augsburg, did some freelancing there, and worked as a VJ resident at a techno club for two years before finally giving the plan to learn more about moving images a serious attempt by moving myself to London. There I joined the lovely talents at Golden Wolf for a two months' internship—which they turned into an amazing ride of two years! 

During that time I was fortunate enough to learn and work on projects for clients like Disney XD, Nike, Converse, Riot, Starbucks and Adult Swim, developing an understanding of the whole production process of an animation project from concept to delivery by enjoying both assisting as well as leading roles. 

Ready for new adventures, I've made the jump into the freelancing world and can't wait to meet new people, work on exciting projects, and to learn and share ideas in the process!

Don't be shy to drop me a line or two if you have any questions, ideas, or just the urge to have a heartfelt chat: hello[at]yinohuan.com